At the heart of ITL lies a strong and unwavering commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our people and promoting sustainable development in the communities in which we operate. As an industry leader, we will continually improve our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices and performance by being an example member on HSE matters.

  • Our Commitment

    1. All Contractor companies and suppliers under the operational control of ITL, manage the HSE in line with this policy.
    2. ITL, its contractor companies, and its suppliers comply with all applicable legislation and regulations regarding HSE.
    3. ITL takes into account in all its business, commercial and operational decisions, the aspects related to HSE.
    4. All HSE measures are and will be consolidated in our corporate policies, procedures, programs, and practices.
    5. Performance in Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment is part of our personnel evaluation and compensation system.
    6. We promote a culture in which our employees share our commitment to HSE.
    7. ITL continuously improves performance through its HSE management model.