We are a company committed to sustainability, aligned with one of our ITL Values: Sustainability and CSR. Since 2019, we have unified the efforts made in the commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), within the framework of the World Port Sustainability Program (WPSP). This Certification was obtained from CIFAL Argentina (a member of UNITAR - UN).


    To make our commitment more concrete, we carry out different initiatives. In this way, we address the environmental aspects of our operations.
    The achievement of our objectives is achieved thanks to the Alliances that we establish with our Stakeholders, knowing and taking action on their expectations and needs.


    We generate six-monthly Carbon Footprint reports, by calculating our consumption of fuels, gases and electricity.
    Aligned with our commitment to continuous improvement, we managed to reduce direct and indirect emissions from our activities thanks to the installation of more efficient technologies and other initiatives, such as the purchase of renewable energy.


    As of November 1, 2020, 30% of the total energy used in our Logistics Parks is renewable energy.
    This great milestone means an important contribution to substantially reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide originated in the power generation processes when non-renewable methods are used.


    We measure our water consumption, which allows us to make decisions and implement actions to reduce its consumption.
    In addition, we have a plan to install rainwater recovery systems in place.


    Accompanying the initiatives of our shareholders – PSA, we carried out the annual Go Green environmental campaign.

    The main activities carried out are:

    •Tree plantation.

    • Campaigns for the collection of electronic waste and used cell phones.

    • Communication and internal awareness campaigns.

    • Participation in corporate events.

    • Sponsor of the World Clean-Up Day.


    From ITL we are committed to the protection and promotion of human rights and the applicable laws on Diversity and Inclusion. We guarantee equal opportunities and fair, transparent, and partial bonds among people in all areas of our Organization, without prejudice associated with race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, special abilities or family responsibility.

    Promoting Diversity and Integration is key to the development of a more empathetic, free, and collaborative society, and it is a very important value for managing the development of the people who are part of the ITL Group.


    We continue to promote actions to strengthen social inclusion through programs focused on education and work.

    We support different institutions in our environment with which we contribute by donating elements that are necessary to sustain its operation.

    We also support the communities in which we operate, with donations at the beginning of classes, Children’s Day, and Christmas, among others.