SAFE ITL Management System

We do safety together, every day #MakeTheDifference

  • The 8 ELEMENTS

    The ITL Group has a Secure ITL Management System that has 8 elements. Each of them has a procedure that supports it and that has been approved by the highest level of Management of each company of the ITL Group, as well as by the CEO of ITL. Therefore all the actions defined in them are mandatory and must be sustained over time.

    1. Leadership.
    2. Policy and Objectives.
    3. Competition and Training.
    4. Methodologies for Risk Assessment (HEMP, Bowtie and ALARP.)
    5. Plans and Procedures.
    6. Analysis and Investigation of Accidents and Incidents (Tripod Tree.)
    7. Audit and Inspections.
    8. Review by Management.
  • Philosophy "Only 5 Minutes to Take Care of Yourself"

    Simple and practical philosophy to apply, aimed at preventing accidents in our Group.

    The steps are the following:

    1. Stop and Think
    2. Identify Hazards
    3. Assess the Risks
    4. Take actions
    5. Work Safe


  • Health and Safety Indicators

    The LTIF (Lost Time Injury Frequency), is an indicator that we translate as a rate of time lost by frequency of incidents.
    One of the indicators defined by OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration – Agency of the United States Department of Labor) is the Lost Time Injury Frequency index, which corresponds to a ratio referred to an event that results in a disability of one day (or work shift) or longer, from the day after the incident.